Terpenes and you

Terpenes not only add the flavor/taste to marijuana, they may have other beneficial impacts on your life.  It is known more commonly as the Entourage Effect.  Terpenes are the essential part of essential oils.  Our Terpene Wheel helps identify what those impacts might be.

The 2nd inner most circle shows the various terpenes found in different strains of marijuana.  Each strain of marijuana has it's own set of present and dominant terpenes.  The inner most circle and the one just outside of the terpenes circle combine to show the overall effect on flavor and smell each terpene has.  The outer most circle shows three impacts on your general feeling and three herbs/plants that each terpene is found in large quantities.  

Example: Linalool (found on the top right of the wheel) adds a sweet/flowery flavor.  It can provide a calming stress relief that is sedative and it can be found in Lavendar, Magnolia and Honeysuckle.


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