We would like to introduce you to our farm, Greener Pacific. We believe in “Living a Green Lifestyle”. Your wellness is at the core of everything we do. That means a firm commitment to organic sustainability at all levels of operation. Our “Greenness” is easily recognized at our farm from use of organic material to fertilize, protect and feed our plants to sustainable use of water and minimal use of electricity. We pride ourselves in our “pet” worms, lady bugs, nematodes and other natural protective organisms.

Our mission, really the purpose behind everything we do, is to provide you with high quality naturally grown cannabis. With our consumers wellness at heart, we see the importance of maintaining high transparent standards that are 100% safe for consumption and sustainable to minimize our impact on the planet.

Our vision is to develop innovative ways to grow operations while maintaining and improving our sustainability. Over time we plan to develop our own strains that reduce the need for water while improving their THC potency and increasing their valuable terpene levels.

Our Team & Community

We live, work, and farm here in Willamette Valley, where we are in an area known to be powered by the essentials: rich soil, air flow, humidity, sun, water, long days and more. Our plants are grown the way nature intended, in soil with our added nurture and passion. Only organic material are used in our operation, no synthetic nutrients, fertilizers or disinfectants. We want our products to support your wellness, not add harm.

We are not just here to grow plants, but also our community and environment! We strongly believe in supporting our locals and use local supplies that are sourced from a network of exceptional Oregon vendors. Our rich organic soil, natural amendments and nutrients, such as Nectar of The Gods, Vital Earth’s & and DragonFly Medicine. We also utilize local labor to support peak needs, including the Green Force, Genesis and others. These are all perfect examples of the Oregon businesses that we trust and support.

As we grow we intend to continue supporting a growing list of local non-profits, which currently includes the Children’s Hospitals and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. We are committed to being actively involved in community and market-related activities and hope to meet you one day soon.

Watch for us in future Cannabis Cup competitions, too!

Organically Sun-Grown

We truly believe sun-grown cannabis is the best, pure and simple.  Using natural methods to produce high quality cannabis is what farming is all about. Artificial methods produce artificial results.  Our grow methods are full sun-grown for the majority of our grow canopy, supported by a light-deprivation greenhouse. The entire grow canopy is based on natural growing principals and processes.

We are organically grown & use some of Oregon’s best nutrients. We believe in supporting natural elements that allow the soil to remain undisturbed. We focus on the idea of “living soil” by creating an environment that is perfect for both beneficial life and cannabis quality through our soil building techniques.

Our Future

Our business model is built on being agile and being able to adapt to changes in the industry rapidly.  By staying involved in the industry and community we plan to keep ahead by utilizing cutting-edge cannabis cultivation technology that supports sustainability and growth together.

What does that mean?  Stay tuned, we are only getting started!

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